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Risk Insurance

Have you considered how your family would survive financially should something happen to you? Your family's future could be seriously affected should you be unable to work for a lengthy period of time due to sickness or injury, or worse in the event of your death.

Are you a professional, small business owner or farmer?  What would happen to your business if you or your partner were injured or sick? Insurance for business owners can be complicated and often requires buy/sell arrangements as part of a business insurance strategy.

We utilise a number of different insurance product providers so we can find the most appropriate cover for you depending on your occupation, pre-existing medical conditions and other personal information.

Insurance strategies provide peace of mind and provide financial security.

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Tonia makes you feel like a friend, she doesn't judge you on your previous decisions you may have made with previous advisers.  She will spend the time to talk to you about what you want for the future and how we see ourselves living in our retirement.  She listens and really explains so that you can understand what she is doing for you.  Tonia is easy to talk to and we feel relaxed with her.

Robert, Townsville

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