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John Grasso

John Grasso

John is a director and partner of Grasso Financial Services.  John established Grasso Financial Services in Ayr in 2006 with the firm growing to comprise offices in both Bowen and Townsville shortly after.  He is an Authorised Representative of JGTS Advice Pty Ltd and has recently completed his Master of Financial Planning.

John is passionate about providing personalised investment strategies to his clients.  He enjoys the relationships he builds with clients during the financial planning process and gains satisfaction in seeing clients on their way to meeting their goals. His holistic view to advice means he is happy to collaborate with client's accountants and legal advisers whenever necessary.

John is particularly well versed in SMSF legislation being a specialist adviser and member of the SMSF Professional's Association of Australia.  He also has many years of experience trading equities having commenced this activity at a young age.  John is happy to hold discussions with clients regarding their estate planning to help them come up with a strategy prior to meeting with their legal adviser. 

John loves to spend time on the water, fishing and crabbing. He is a regular at the movies and enjoys eating out & socialising with friends.  He likes to take short breaks away with the family when time permits.

Tonia Sanderson

Tonia Sanderson

Tonia is a director and partner of Grasso Financial Services and is based in the Townsville office. Tonia has extensive experience in the financial services industry with over 27 years spent working in financial planning firms. She is an Authorised Representative of JGTS Advice Pty Ltd, has completed her Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and recently completed her Master of Financial Planning.   As part of these studies Tonia received a 2016 Kaplan Professional National Subject Award.

Tonia has been instrumental in the continued growth of the firm utilising her vast experience to devise strategies for clients to improve their financial position no matter what stage of life.
Tonia is particularly well versed in Age Pension/Aged Care rules and is an Accredited Aged Care Professional .

Tonia is able to provide detailed recommendations on Self Managed Superannuation Funds as she is an SMSF specialist adviser and member of the SMSF Professional's Association of Australia.
Tonia enjoys interacting with all of her clients and reviewing their situation over time to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Tonia leads a healthy and active lifestyle and loves to spend time with her teenage boys. 

Susan Zamperoni

Susan Zamperoni

Susan holds an integral role in the Ayr office being both a Client Liaison officer and in charge of administration processes.  Her role covers many facets including undertaking investments for clients, communicating with providers, and the overall monitoring of client accounts. 

Susan enjoys holidaying and fishing and prawning with her husband and 4 boys at the family beach hut whenever possible.

Maree-Anne Gorizia

Maree-Anne Gorizia

Maree-Anne has a para planning role in the Ayr office, with an integral part of her duties being the ongoing monitoring of the Managed Discretionary Account Services held by many of our clients.  Maree-Anne has a banking and finance background having previously worked at CBA and as the finance officer at a local kindergarten. 

Maree-Anne enjoys living in the Burdekin and particularly relishes spending time fishing and crabbing with family at their Barratta creek hut.  She is an avid reader and also enjoys hiking.

Alison Oar

Alison Oar

Alison provides support to both John and Tonia helping to oversee the offices and ensure processes run smoothly. She also forms part of the para planning team in the Ayr office and shares the role as Social Coordinator.  Alison has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has previously worked as an accountant in both Townsville and Ayr.

Alison enjoys socialising and spending time with her family and friends.  She has an active lifestyle and loves to go on holidays whenever possible.



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