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Want to grow your wealth but not sure how to go about it?

Our team at Grasso Financial Services is able to provide advice on the right investment for you.  A combination of any of the following options may be recommended to help you achieve your desired financial goal:

  • Managed funds
  • Direct equities
  • Investment and Education bonds
  • Term Deposits

Diversification of investments is considered when putting together a portfolio for our clients.  Diversification is a proven strategy to minimise the risk of losing capital and the risk of fluctuating investment returns.  It is another way of saying 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'.
Gearing (or borrowing) to invest is also an option. The key to gearing successfully is to choose quality investments which will provide you with a reliable income stream and sound capital growth.  It is important to keep gearing levels at a manageable level and to not over-commit.  A long term investment is generally preferred for this strategy.

If you would like advice on investing please make an appointment to see one of our advisers.


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What our Clients Say

Very positive return, and regular contact discussing methodology for stock/fund selection and reviewing portfolios. John has the trust of my accountant with whom I have a 25 + year relationship who described him to me as "honest to a fault and incredibly hardworking". He keeps in touch and is proactive rather than reactive in his approach to managing my portfolio. He appears to surround himself with very motivated and similar thinking colleagues. He is punctual and professional in meetings. ...

Irene, Townsville

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